People told that Ginger is Good .What Ginger Can Do Just With Only ¼ Teaspoon?

November 23, 2015

According to one report from international journal of nutrition and food science was published one study that ginger is new innovation therapy for diabetes prevention and ginger side effects for human health.

People told that Ginger is Good .What Ginger Can Do Just With Only ¼ Teaspoon

Based on different research published in American diabetes association journal, it belongs to “zingi beracaea” family as well as turmeric, another spice with medical ingredient and ginger is only proven one hundred percent efficient inhibiting of type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The new research and study with title the effects of ginger-consumption of glycemic status, inflammation and lipid profile maker in the type-2 diabetes mellitus patients involved seventy type-2 diabetes patient in double blinded and placebo clinical trial controlled was aimed in order to evaluate the effects and influence of ginger consumption on glycemic status, inflammation marker and lipid profle linked to this health condition.

In this research, all participants was divided into 2 group, control and ginger group. The 1st group was given one thousand sixty hundred milligram of ginger and the 2nd groups was given one thousand six hundred milligram of placebo in everyday for three months. Some parameter includes blood lipid, tumor necrosis, c reactive protein, blood sugar level and prostaglandin factor for alpha was measured and determined patient before and after treatment.

The result of this research showed that ginger test was lowered the following parameter in the placebo group drastically, as follows:

–  Fast plasma-glucose
–  Aka glycated hemoglobin or HbA1C – a determine of how much damage was caused by red blood cell in the human body by sugar as well as how much damage was caused to human body by elevated blood sugar chronically.
–  Insulin
–  Homeostatic model assessment or HOMA – which determine beta cell function and insulin resistance, the pancreas cell for insulin production
–  Triglyceride
–  Total cholesterol
–  CRP or c reactive protein as inflammation marker
–  PGE2 or prostaglandin E2 as inflammation marker
–  There is no substantial between LDL, HDL and TNF in different 2 group (p>0.05).

The research concluded:
Ginger was improve faction lipid profile and insulin sensitivity and PGE2 and CRP reduction in the type-2 diabetes patients. Therefore, could be considered as efficient and effective treatment for diabetes prevention.

How much ginger was used?
Amount of ginger was used in the research as subject which given in 2 doses of eight hundred milligram, delivered 2 times in a day in the capsule form. The amount of this root up to 1.6 grams with culinary term and equal to ¼ teaspoon. It was found high doses of plant extract complex compound in the spice and its not often better in several cases and ginger can result counter effects.

The research discovered that rosemary has lower doses at seven hundred fifty milligram and it can improve cognition while high doses six thousand milligrams hampered it. The lower doses was used in cooking and passed down to people for recipe generation or medical prescription. In fact, it is healthier and beneficial than others.

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