Performing an Organic Therapy to Rule out Skin Lumps (Lipomas)

September 20, 2015

Skin lumps is one of the most common skin disorders. This disorder can appear at any time without being known before. These lumps are usually called lipomas and usually only appear on one body part.

Performing an Organic Therapy to Rule out Skin Lumps (Lipomas)

In some cases, lipomas can appear in several parts of the body simultaneously or sequentially. Lipoma reduces the comfort of every sufferer.

The medical world does not know fully about the main reason for the emergence of a lipoma.

However physicians have a strong suspicion that genetic factor is the most important reason, beating factors of obesity and cholesterol.

Get Rid of Fatty Tissue Naturally

This article will shed an insight for you in an attempt getting rid of the lipoma problem. This article does not suggest hard drugs and major surgery to tackle the problem of your lipoma.

In general, doctors usually recommend the removal of lipoma done in hospitals, typically using laser technology and electromagnetic radiation. Both methods are very effective but cannot give a full guarantee that the lipoma will not go back again. Surgery is not done arbitrarily, always be based on considerations related to disruption caused by lipoma.

In addressing light lipoma problems, most dermatologists suggest organic therapy. You should not ignore the organic therapy because the therapy has proved itself over the years as an effective therapy. What do you need in the organic treatment are honey and flour.

Honey and Flour Combination

You can perform independently organic therapy to heal your lipoma. You simply mix the honey and flour and then coat your lipoma with a mixture that has been made. Keep your lipoma layer’s thickness up to 1 cm and cover it with a bandage to keep save from being contaminated by air.

After 36 hours, remove the mixture, and repeat the process up to five times. Based on the many medical reports, most lipoma patients found their lipoma dissapear in less than a week.


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