How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon 5 Tips from an Experienced Farmer

September 8, 2016

Every summer season is marked by specific fruits that we cannot have during the whole year. Watermelons are perfect for hot days because they are full of water and so refreshing after a hard works day. But not all watermelons are the same are they?


One time you can have a perfect, sweet, red watermelon and other times the watermelon is so bad you need to throw it in the trash right away.

What you probably don’t know is that you can easily recognize a good melon when you see one just by following a few steps and symptoms:


Size really does matter. Some people will tell you that the bigger the melon the better the fruit, but the fact is that medium sized watermelons proved to be the best.

Field Spot

Every watermelon has one of these spots. The best way to recognize a good one is by the color of said spot. Try to find one that is creamy yellow or gold.

The Gender

The ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ watermelons are different for two reasons. The boy watermelon is longer, taller and usually more watery. The girl watermelon is sweeter and round.


The tail of any fruit or vegetable can tell you a lot about the plant. When it comes to watermelons you need to pick a dry tail one because if it is still fresh that means it has been picked recently and the taste may not be the best.


The webbing on the outside of the melon shows how many times bees have touched the blooming flower. With that in mind, the more webbings there are, the sweeter the watermelon is.

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Featured image source: fabulousfarmgirl

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