Plantain and Honey for Stomach Ache

April 2, 2015

Plantain and Honey for Perfect Health

Are there any plants that we encounter every day, pass by them, and we are not even aware of how healing and helpful they are? Of course there are, one of them is the female plantain(Plantago lanceolata).

plantain(Plantago lanceolata)

It happens many times to see plantain beside the road, sometimes even crush it or do not notice it at all, we totally ignore it. Believe me, this is completely wrong. Did you know that plantain and honey are the ideal combination for strong immune system and stomach? That is true.

Health Benefits of Plantain

In traditional medicine more often were used plantain and honey for healing stomach aches. Plantain was also used for healing wounds and ulcers on the skin, and for various inflammations, while the plantain tea or syrup was used against cough and bladder inflammation. The researches shoe that plantain and honey have influence on the blood and bloodstream system.
To assume the health benefits of the plantain:

-chronic cough,
-other lung diseases and complications,
-vaginal infections,
-eczema and other skin diseases,
-inflammation of the bladder ,
-gastric ulcer,
-Prolonged menstruation and bleeding,
-Injuries and burns,
-Pimples and acne from the skin.

How to use plantain and honey against stomach aches

First of all wash fresh plantain well and blend it. Then, put it in a juicer and make a plantain juice and add twice as much honey compared to pure syrup. Keep the remedy in the fridge. Take one tablespoon from the mixture three times a day, after meal.
Although, if you use plantain and honey against stomach ache, you will get the best effects of honey that is obtained by cold processing. In that way you will get the best results because the honey that is obtained by cold processing has an extremely action on a number of bacteria in the stomach and your intestines, mixed with plantain is even better. Use this traditional remedy for a couple of days and you will immediately feel relief.
The healing will be more successful and fast if you add in the recipe a tea made of St. John’s Wort and liquorice.

How to make plantain tea against cough – Recipe

Pour one teaspoon of dry plantain leaves with 2.5dl boiled water, cover it and leave it for a while. Pour the liquid through a strainer and drink from it three times a day especially in the morning because if you drink it in the morning it will help you to easily eject the sputum.
If you suffer from bronchitis, you can make a mixture of plantain with ivy and thyme. Plantain tea is also used against vaginal infection.
Take one teaspoon of dry plantain leaves and pour it with 1dl hot water. Leave it for 30minutes and soak a tampon with the liquid and use it for intimate care.
Not to forget plantain seed which has many healing properties in its content and it is incredible natural remedy against constipation.
Even if the plantain and honey mix can help you against many diseases, before consuming consult your doctor.

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