Plastic Bottle and Why They are Killing You

July 25, 2015

Every five minute, nearly 2 million plastic bottles are bought all over the world.  Every six hours, 1million plastic cups are used on airlines alone, but new research is stating that plastic is slowly killing many and we don’t even know it.

Plastic Bottle and Why They are Killing You

Many have believed that bottled water is better then tap water because of the vitamins that it has in it.

But really, it is just tap water that is placed in a bottle to be sold.  But these plastic bottle that they are being placed in is what is most harmful to us.

Before you even take  a swig from the bottle, you need to look closely at it.  Look at the bottom of the bottle and you will see  a number within a triangle, which will be from 1 to 7.

Here are what the numbers mean:

1.  a Number 1 means that this bottle should only be used once.  Using more than once can expose a person to EPA, which is a chemical substance. This plastic can also be carcinogenic.

2.  A Number 2 means it is a good plastic, or a HDPE or HDP.  When in contact with water, it does not have as much chemicals that are used in other plastics.

3.  A number 3 means that it has 2 toxic chemicals in it. It may also be labeled as V or PVC. However, this is the most used plastic in the world.

4.  A number 4, also known as LDPE, do not emit chemicals when used in water bottles, however they are often used in plastic bags.

5.  A number 5 is a good type of plastic.  They are either white in color or transparent.  They are commonly found in syrup bottles or yogurt containers.

6.  A number 6 emits STIREN.  This is carcinogenic, and is often used in fast food cups and coffee cups.

7.  A number 7 are known as PC and should not be trusted.  They emit BPA, which is a harmful chemical.  These are very common in sports drink containers, baby bottles and food containers.

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