Pomegranate Better That Lipitor Drug for Managing Cholesterol Levels

October 29, 2016

The pomegranate fruit has been cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean region more specifically the Himalayas, India and Iran. This fruit is packed with antioxidants and it is a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life.

The most important, potent and active component in the pomegranate is the substance called punicalagin that gives this fruit the powers it has. It is responsible for the antioxidant richness and it helps the blood vessels and benefits the heart.


This fruit can offer you a lot of health benefits like lower bad cholesterol, balance blood pressure and so on. Some of these health benefits have been proven and backed up by studies. The most recent one is the one that proves that this fruit can indeed aid in lowering the bad cholesterol levels.

Drinking this juice on a regular basis can also prevent the cholesterol clogging the arteries and causing heart issues. That significantly reduces the risk of any heart diseases. These facts prove that drinking pomegranate juice may lower cholesterol levels even better than the Lipitor drug.

As a powerful antioxidant, the pomegranate can reduce the oxidative status of the cholesterol by 85%. Other than that it can support the function of nitric oxide that is responsible for repairing the cells of the arterial walls.

More Benefits from Eating Pomegranates

  • Cancer

Due to the high antioxidant levels it can prevent the work of the free radicals in the body and with that grants protection from breast and prostate cancer. All the other nutritional values in the pomegranate are included in the protection from cancer.

  • Stomach Disorders

Brewing your own tea from all the part of this fruit may be beneficial for any kind of digestive problems. It can also prevent diarrhea and even handle dysentery and cholera.

  • Anemia

The pomegranate contains sufficient levels of iron and by eating it or any other fruit you get iron in your blood flow. That can treat and prevent anemia and even exhaustion, dizziness and hearing loss.

  • Diabetes

Drinking pomegranate juice may be highly beneficial for diabetes patients as it can treat various coronary diseases. It can also balance the blood sugar levels and inhibit the development of any heart disease.

Source: healthy-holistic-living

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