Power of the grapefruit

June 20, 2014

Power of the grapefruit

Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to hear that citrus fruits are great for reducing excess weight. Grapefruit has the best reputation of all of th citrus fruits.

Grapefruit (Cirtus paradisi) is a tropical plant of the family argumi with bitter taste. The fruit is light yellow to greenish, and there is a variety that is red.

grapefruitA grapefruit meets the daily needs of our body to vitamin C, which certainly helps in fighting colds. From seeds and pulp and white membranes of grapefruit, citrus seed extract is made, which is the best antibiotic for strengthening the immune system.

However, it is good to know that you should not exaggerate with grapefruit juice for more than half a liter per day. That can lead to side effects. The same happens if you eat more than one fruit.

grapefruitGrapefruit has antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiseptic action and helps with colds, weight loss, kidney stones, ulcers of the stomach and many more.

Grapefruit maintains the health of the digestive system, stimulates peristalsis of the bowel which helps at constipation, and also has antiseptic and diuretic effects.

grapefruitIt is rich in vitamin C, contains vitamin A, B, D, E, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron. It also contains large amounts of polyphenols, bioflavonoids, which have positive effect on health.

Naringenin, located in grapefruit, have a positive effect on damaged DNA molecules in the prostate tumor. Fixing the damaged DNA is a major defense mechanism against cancer, because it removes potential carcinogens.

Grapefruit acts in the following ways:

-It reduces appetite,

-helps in the breakdown of fat,

grapefruit-lowers blood cholesterol,

-prevent colds and flu,

-prevents atherosclerosis,

-helps with free radicals,

-helps in detoxification of the body,

-disposal of excess fluids,

-reduces the risk of occurrence of kidney stones,

-prevents the occurrence of eczema on the skin etc….

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