How to Prevent and Cure Hangnails Naturally

June 9, 2016

Hangnails are the easiest thing you can get on your nails, but no worries it can be removed. They can cause you uneasiness and make you want to tear them off immediately.

How to Prevent and Cure Hangnails NaturallyIn order to avoid these painful skin condition there are several ways to eliminate them quick and easy.

Bad Habits that cause Hangnails

First, you must be aware of the cause and then you should find the way to remove them. Many people have bad nail habits and we must avoid them if we want to get rid of the hangnails:

1. Leaving nails dry

The main reason for having hangnails is because of the dryness of the nails. The solution is to keep the bed of the nails moisturized as much as possible. You can choose from oil, cream or petroleum jelly for cuticles since all of them are good at keeping them moisturized.

The petroleum jelly can go deep into the skin around the nail and can prevent it from being dry completely.

2. Cuticle picking

Another bad habit women have is the picking of the cuticles and if you do not stop this the appearance of hangnails will be constant. To avoid this, try to snip the hangnail of whenever they occur.

While they are still short cut them with nail scissors because if they grow they are much more painful.

3. Nail Biting

It is final time to stop bitting and chewing your nails because you will get hangnails. Nail biting can cause bleeding from the hangnails and in the same time irritating the bed of the nail. To prevent biting your nails trim them and do your favorite manicure.

Although the bad habits above can be avoid there are other tricks and tips that can help in removing the hangnails forever:

  • Vitamin E – It is good for your nails since it will keep you from having hangnails. For healthier bed nails apply some oil rich in this vitamin after you have trimmed your nails.
  • No acetone – Make sure the product you use as nail polish remover has no acetone in its consistency. Your hands and nails will become dry if you use acetone and as a result of the dryness, hangnails can appear.
  • Pushing cuticles – To prevent this, push your cuticles back with an orange stick or cuticle tool and say goodbye to the nail problems.

The nail care can be made before going to bed since it is best to stay moisturized at night. Pamper the cuticles with some lip balm and start massaging the skin around the nail.

All nail area will be protected, moisturized and strengthen and no more hangnails will occur.

Source: stethnews

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