Prevent Excess Mucus by Avoiding Four Kinds of Food

September 18, 2015

Mucus is very disgusting. However the mucus is very useful in normal human metabolism, as a lubricant for the human body.

Prevent Excess Mucus by Avoiding Four Kinds of Food


The human body contains a type of tissue that is capable of producing mucus. The tissue is contained in the mouth, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, sinuses, and throat. Basically, the mucus is protective surface of the body and making sure all body tissues are free of drought.

Not only protecting from dryness, mucus also prevents infection. Sometimes, some substances, bacteria, viruses, and germs can enter the body and have the potential to cause disease. Mucus function is wrapping each pathogen and preventing them to penetrate deeper into the various tissues of the body.

Penetration of pathogens is a major cause of infection and the penetration can be minimized by the performance of mucus. Mucus is closely related to the immune system. Its immunity features are influenced by the content of enzymes, antibodies, cells, and proteins inside the mucus.

One of the performance signals of mucus is increased mucus production when we are sick. Mucus contains a variety of compounds that can reduce the adverse effects of an illness. Its benefits are hidden behind its disgusting appearance!

Mucus production

Mucus is produced all the time; it is not visible because it is stored in different internal network, such as in the throat. When we are sick, we can see our mucus, but actually mucus is being produced all the time, no matter we are in a healthy or illness condition.

The thickness of the mucus layer is affected by the condition of the body. In a sick condition, the body will produce mucus thicker, performing better function of coating pathogen substances. Production of thick mucus is usually encountered when a person is suffering from flu, cold and sinus. Several types of allergen can be controlled by phlegm and mucus production is influenced by several types of food.

Medical Way to Reduce Mucus in Throat

The most common way is to reduce the consumption of foods that trigger rhinitis gustatory. What is the gustatory rhinitis? Gustatory rhinitis is a kind of reflex reaction triggered by the consumption of certain foods. This reflex reaction will trigger more mucous production.

Various studies have found that there are at least four types of food that could trigger gustatory rhinitis, namely gluten, red meat, alcohol, and all types of dairy products. If you want you are free of excess mucus production then you should avoid or reduce the consumption of those four food kinds above.


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