Prevent Hair Loss

August 2, 2014

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Tonic against Hair Loss

With regular use of this tonic you will not only prevent hair loss, you will also make your hair smooth, big in volume and shiny.

Prevent Hair Loss


-100gr nettle leaves

-25 gr chamomile flower

-1/2 liter of distilled water


Prevent Hair Loss


Boil 100 g nettle leaves of in half a liter of distilled water, exactly for 20 minutes. Remove it and add 25 grams of chamomile flower.

Prevent Hair LossCover it and leave it to stay overnight.The next day, strain and store the tonic in a suitable container.

Two or three times a week with this tonic massage the hair roots (on washed and clean hair), wrap it and leave it to stay on for at least two hours. Rinsing is not necessary.

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