How to Prevent your Legs and Armpits From Chafing Ever Again (and how to heal it fast if it did)

June 30, 2016

Have you ever felt the skin rubbing against a cheese grater whenever you make a step?

How to Prevent your Legs and Armpits From Chafing Ever Again (and how to heal it fast if it did)

This can happen to persons that are into exercising or on contrary, people who are overweighted since they are more likely to experience it. You still cannot think of what this skin chafing can be? This is when the skin rubs against clothing or against more skin, and it is very unpleasant and painful.

You can experience this feeling everywhere on your body and although every person has different problem spots, women usually have these unique spots like their under arm area and between the thighs while men’s commonly problematic areas are their genitals and their nipples.

This might be a big problem for some people and if you experience it, do not let to prevent you from doing what you like and what you need to finish.

Read more to find out what you need to do to prevent the annoying red skin and what to use as a treatment.

What is chafing?

This term is used for the irritation triggered by frictions which are repetitive and are most of the times produced through a contact many body part do. Chafing is usually generated in the inner thighs and inner gluts. The less common areas for chafing to occur are the nipples and armpits.

If you want to lower the number of friction to your skin, in order to avoid the skin chafing look at this ways with which you can achieve it:

Stay Dry:

  • Do not wear cotton because it can absorb sweat and it will be wet all the time. Instead of staying wet with cotton, wear synthetic and wicking fabrics which will keep you dry. Chafing can be worse if the skin is wet.
  • Apply some natural alum and talcum powders to the places where your body sweat the most, right before you go outside on the sun. These powders are able to absorb the extra moisture on the skin and can help you stay dry all day.

Dress Appropriately:

  • Try to avoid the tags ans seams on your clothes especially the shirts, or your bra. These can be the major irritation causers on your skin.
  • Be aware of your clothes since the need to be comfortable. If your sports bra is too tight, it will go deep in your skin and the baggy shirt which has extra material can rub the skin and make a painful opening.
  • It is of utmost importance to cover up the nipples. For guys this is a critic area and they need to protect it. Band-aid or Nip Guards are really effective method of prevention.


  • If you notice a place on your body which is prone to chafing, apply some lubricant. If you go out for a long run, put Chap Stick or any deodorant, and a natural coconut oil can be great too. When some part of your body will rub against other, put the product again over the area where needed. You will finish the run session with little to no rubbing at all.
  • Keep your skin moisturized by applying any good moisturizer two time a day or if you feel the chafing apply more.


  • If you drink water you will decrease the concentration of salt in your sweat. This means that you will no longer feel the sandpaper effect of the salt on your skin.

How to treat it:

It is quite simple to treat the chafing. Whenever you get home all sweaty and irritated on some places, take a nice shower immediately and rinse your skin with lukewarm water. Use any soap or some natural  alternative to eliminate the bacteria and prevent them to go directly on the skin.

In this way you will avoid the appearance of folliculitis, a most common issue in athletes.

Next, you will need to soothe the red area and for this you will need lotion or ointment. You must gently touch the place with the lotion and not rub it. Use a moisturizing aloe cream which is paraben free and can soothe the inflamed skin. Remember, you should pat and not rub, since you will irritate the skin more.

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