Purslane-It’s Not a Weed! It’s an Unrecognized, Health-Boosting Wonder Plant !!!

May 4, 2016

Today, we have more opportunities to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately most of us are still stuck in the cycle of fast foods. Marketing of fast foods is very aggressive and blocking awareness of people to switch to a healthy diet. This is compounded by the fact that most organic foods are sold at high prices.
Purslane-It's Not a Weed! It's an Unrecognized, Health-Boosting Wonder Plant !!!
Our garden
We should not be confused about how to apply a healthy diet because we can start from our own garden. Most of the foods grown in our own garden are healthy and do not require the approval of the USDA.

Purslane is a type of weed. This plant has the Latin name “Portulaca oleracea” and was first cultivated in Persia and India. Now, purslane has been cultivated in almost all over the world. This weed has attractive leaves and yellowish flowers.

Leaves can be consumed as a substitute for spinach. It contains pectin that is useful for lowering cholesterol levels: therefore, this weed is often eaten with pork in some areas of California and Mexico. We know that pork contains high cholesterol and to neutralize the cholesterol, purslane is one of the best solutions.

The health benefits of purslane:

1. Purslane contains vitamins and some antioxidant agents, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, beta-xanthins, beta-cyanis, pyridoxine, carotenoids, niacin, riboflavin, and some minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and iron. High vitamin content in this herb serves to prevent oral cancer and lung cancer.

2. This weed also contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of autism, ADHD, and abnormalities in children. For information, 100 grams of this herb leaves contain not less than 350 mg of alpha-linolenic acid.

3. Accelerating metabolism. Routine purslane consumption will increase metabolism in your body

By eating purslane then you can eliminate your dependence on supplements and of course you can save your budget!

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