Put Some Baking Soda on Your Bed and This Is What Will Happen (VIDEO)

June 6, 2017

The mattresses, closets and all similar places in the home are really a hotbed for bugs, bacteria and dirt. No matter how much you try to keep it clean these places will always require more care from your part.

There are many ways in which you can clean these places and the one that we are going to recommend is using baking soda as a main ingredient.

This white powder is very versatile and has a lot of uses in many departments like beauty department, house cleaning, food, desserts and so on. Baking soda also has medicinal properties and can give you many health benefits.

Changing the sheets on your mattress does not make the bed clean at all but only masks whatever issue there is. In order to decontaminate the mattress or couch or any other surface you need to first vacuum the area thoroughly. After that sprinkle some raw baking soda onto the bed, couch cushions or else and leave it to work for a while.

After some period of time vacuum the baking soda powder once more and your bed will be decontaminated. You may not be able to see exactly what is happening and the results might not be visible to the naked eye but the baking soda does wonders at removing bacteria from anywhere including these sensitive spots that we use every day.

This baking soda treatment will give your mattress the attention it needs and with just 1 cup of baking soda you will have a bacteria and dirt free mattress that will not give you bad infection or cause any other health issues.

By vacuuming the baking soda, you are also cleaning and deodorizing the vacuum cleaner which is a big plus. At the end of this treatment you can add some essential oil to the soda or bed in order for it to smell fresh.

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