Quaker Oats is Sued for $5million Following Claims WEED KILLER is Used in Production

May 10, 2016

Is your oatmeal dangerous? For information, Quaker Oats has been sued for $ 5million to a claim that the WEED KILLER is used in production. The plaintiff is Lewis Daly of Brooklyn, New York, stating that their ads are not corresponding to reality.

Quaker Oats is Sued for $5million Following Claims WEED KILLER is Used in ProductionDaly stated that Quaker Oats’ oatmeal contains glyphosate, a carcinogenic agent, which is used in growing wheat. According to the WHO statement released in 2005, this is a carcinogenic herbicide.

This herbicide is often associated with several types of cancers such as pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, and myeloid leukemia.

According to Daly, Quaker Oats uses glyphosate as weed killer (in the process of growing wheat) as well as a drying agent (before doing harvest). The claim has been submitted to the federal court.

In April, the USA’s Alliance for Natural Health has revealed glyphosate contamination on various popular breakfast foods, such as bagels, eggs, wheat toast, and coffee creamers. They set such contamination can be classified as ‘alarming’.

Ten of 24 foods tested showed contamination by glyphosate. Since it was first released by Monsanto in 1974, glyphosate has been used everywhere and has become a global residue. This herbicide and its analogs are considered as endocrine disruptors for humans.


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