Quick Homemade Treatment for Warts! The Warts Will Disappear in 2 Days!

July 5, 2016

Warts can appear to any part of our body, but they especially occur on our hands and soles mostly during the summer months.Quick Homemade Treatment for Warts! The Warts Will Disappear in 2 Days!You should never spend money on any expensive products or treatments in order to remove the warts, because there is a solution in every house.

Viral warts can be removed with this recipe and it is quite effective:

apple cider vinegar
– cotton ball or bandage and medical tape


Use homemade apple vinegar for better results and apply it on the bandage. Use the soaked bandage to stick it directly on the wart. If the part of the bandage which is sticky does not attach to your skin then secure it with the medical tape.

Let it work overnight and repeat the procedure next day. Repeat this for 5 days or until the wart is dry and fall out by itself.


When you do this procedure every day or night, you must know the possible stages while the wart is removing. Here are the three stages you will experience:

Stage 1: Because of the constant presence of the apple cider vinegar, the wart will swell all the time. Together with the swelling will appear the tremble and the body will feel it. Consider lucky if this stage does not occur while the process since it means that you will be speared from any pain while the wart removes.

Stage 2: There will be change of the look of wart. It might change the color as well and become black. The removal process varies from one to other wart therefore if you have several warts on one area and you notice that one or more have the natural color while others are black, you will know that the procedure is nearly to its end.

Stage 3: If you notice any shredding of the wart, do not remove it with your fingers. You may feel tempted and try to peel it but, remember that by doing the removing process by yourself and the wart is still not ready for this, you will leave some parts behind. In this way another wart will grow in the same place and you must do the procedure again until it is completely removed.

Source: cornerforhealth

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