After reading this, You will surely start putting cabbage leaves on your chest and legs!

June 16, 2016

The leaves of a cabbage can attract many diseases out of our body like a magnet. It is also beneficial as a treatment for many conditions specifically headaches or thyroid gland issues.

After reading this, You will surely start putting cabbage leaves on your chest and legs!

It is often said that all we need for our health is in the nature. Therefore, the natural remedies are in most of the cases better than the formulated remedies. The most important thing is that the natural remedies have no side-effects at all.

Between all natural remedies there is the cabbage. People mostly use it in a form of a salad. But, there are other uses of the cabbage beside consuming it and you need to find out by reading more. Beside the fact that it is great for many  delicious dishes, the cabbage can be helpful in treating many conditions since it pulls out the issues from the body.

Here are some of the uses of the cabbage:

Pain because of Breastfeeding

Put cabbage leaves on the area where the woman experience great pain due to breastfeeding and it will ease the pain. Do this day and night for better results.

Make sure the leaves are carefully rinsed with cold water and cut the stem in the center.

Fit them properly to your breast and try not to cover the nipples.

For more secure hold, place the leaves inside the bra.

The leaves should stay about twenty minutes or until they become warm. You can repeat this if you want.

Thyroid gland issues

The most important organ in the functioning of the organs in the digestive system, metabolism or hormonal growth is the thyroid gland.

To bring the function of the thyroid gland back in normal you should put cabbage leaves on the throat form the outside where the glade is placed.

You can cover the leaves with bandage or wrap it with scarf. Keep it while you are sleeping and in the morning remove it.


The appearance of swellings can be very annoying so wrap your arms or legs with some fresh leaves of cabbage. It is more recommendable to sleep with it as it gives better results.


If you suffer from severe headaches place the cabbage leaves in your temples or on the upper part of your forehead. In order to hold everything in place wear a hat or cap and secure it well.

Source: thebesthealthyhabits

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