After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again!!!

March 30, 2016

Silica gel bags commonly encountered in ordinary shoes box always end up in the trash, just because we believe they are no longer useful, and even capable of poisoning the environment. In fact, they do not contain any toxin, and they are rich in silicon dioxide which can be very useful in our everyday life.

After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again!!!

Silicon dioxide is non-toxic inert dryer that are able to dry everything around them quickly. Here are some ways to use the silica gel bags:

Inside your gym bag

You can put them in your gym bag with the objective to absorb excessive moisture and protect your shoes from a variety of bacteria that can thrive in damp and dark environment. By placing a bag of silica gel in your gym bag then you can minimize the moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria that can create a foul odor.

Among the towels

Protect your towels from moisture and germs by putting some of these bags in your storage room.

Make your razor more durable

Never leave your razor at random and always place it in a plastic container containing silica bags. By doing this step, you can prevent rust on your razor, thereby making it more durable.

Apply on your mobile phone

When your mobile phone is exposed to water, try placing the device in a jar containing silica bags. Patches of water inside your phone will be absorbed immediately, protecting its internal components from damage.

Prevent fogged car windows

Instead of turning on the AC, you better put some silica gel bags just below the window, and by doing that you will save 10 minutes in clearing the fog.

Maintaining the condition of your old photos

Each photo is always worsen with increased time, and to prevent damage you can put a few bags of silica gel in old photos safe in order to protect them from excessive moisture.

Make up

Every woman should prepare at least two bags of silica gel to prevent makeup powder from curdling.

May 7 tips above can give you various benefits that previously were never imagined. Next time do not waste your silica gel bags, because they can be very useful.


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