Red clover

October 10, 2013

The Red clover’s soothes symptoms of Menopause and Hot Flashes.

The Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a herb that originated in Europe, but also from parts of northwest Africa and western Asia.
Because it contains isoflavones , the Red clover is used for decades as a natural remedy for mitigating the symptoms of menopause , including mood changes in and heat waves . Therefore due to its medicinal properties, this type of clover is a natural alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy .

The health benefits associated with red clover are really merous . The herb is an excellent expectorant , which makes useful in treating the disease such as bronchitis and asthma . Flowers of the Red clover have , also , diuretic and sedative property , as well really big anti inflammatory effect.

Red clover
The Red clover can benefit the individuals who suffers from osteoporosis , as the isoflavones in this medicinal herb acts as phytoestrogens who can help build the density of the bone .
In addition, the Red Clover improves the circulation , increases the concentration of the good cholesterol in the body and strengthens the arteries . Red Clover is remarkable purifier of the blood and liver .

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