This Red Tea Kills Bacteria in The Bladder and Stops Infections Instantly

May 24, 2017

About a third of the women have a problem with the gallbladder and that is all due to the fact that most people often neglect it since the common belief was that this part of the body does not impact health so much.

That is definitely not the case and the gallbladder should be as important as any other organ in the body and we should always take more care of it.

There are many food choices that can impact this organ and soothe any discomfort and issues it may cause. One very important herb that is the best when it comes to gallbladder infections and issues is the hibiscus and more specifically hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus Tea

There are many varieties of this plant and it is always a blooming flower but in different colors. There is white hibiscus, pale pink, bright yellow and the most common one is deep red.

The Latin name is hibiscus sabdariffa and it releases large magneta colored blossoms and this roselle flower has been used for its many medicinal properties ages ago. This plant is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are important for the gallbladder but the general body too.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits

This red tea contains ascorbic, tartaric and citric acid which are very healthy acids that help the optimal function of every organ in the body. This tea can also detox your body and provide anti-inflammatory properties.

It can also act as a natural diuretic and expel more toxins through urine and sweat that contains many contaminants that can harm the body.

The hibiscus tea can help the blood pressure too and drinking it as a substitute for coffee sometimes can be very beneficial since coffee can harm the stomach.

Extra Tips to Protect Your Bladder

  • Avoid Hot Spices

Hot and spicy spices can cause the same burning sensation in the bladder and ultimately harm it. Limit their consumption.

  • Avoid Dairy

Keep away from dairy foods if your body cannot tolerate them very well.

  • Avoid Sugar

Sugar should be avoided and brought to a minimum for many reasons and the bladder does not like sugar very much as well. Try to find more natural sources of sugar.

Source: naturalsolutionsmag

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