Remove Redness of the Eyes with These Home Remedies

June 12, 2015

Very common traits of the eyes include itching, redness and swelling. These traits all occur when one has strained their eyes at the TV or computer or has not gotten enough sleep. Red eyes can be treated with some very common household products.

Redness of the Eyes

Consider using any of the following:
1. Honey- Mix 3 tablespoons of honey with boiling water, then allow to cool slightly. Place a few drops in the effected eye two or three times per day.

2. Turmeric– Mix 2 tablespoons of turmeric with 200 ml water. Apply to the eyes by lining the eyes with it. Turmeric will treat inflammation in any part of the body.

3. Fennel- Mix fennel seeds with some water and warm it up. Place this mixture in the eye to reduce redness.

4. Potatoes- Slice a potato and place one slice on the eye. Hold in place for at least 20 minutes. Repeat at least 3 days in a row.

5. Aloe Vera- Place some aloe Vera on a piece of gauze then apply to effected eye.

6. Baking Soda– Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 200 ml water. Coat the eyes with the solution, as it will reduce any swelling, redness and irritation.

7. Warm and cool clothes- Place warm clothes on the eyes to reduce the swelling. Cool clothes will help to reduce redness in the eyes. Use separate clothes for warm and cool to reduce infection.

8. Yogurt- Redness of the eyes can be reduce by applying coatings of yogurt to the eyes.

9. Coconut oil- Coconut oil will not only reduce redness of the eyes, but will also help with scratching. Soak cotton wool in some coconut oil and then tap around the eyes.

10. Breast milk- Drop a few drops into the effected eyes. Breast milk will take away any redness.

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