How to Reduce Fever in Babies

April 16, 2016

All babies are prone to fever and in medical science, a baby could be said having a fever when his temperature is reaching 38 degrees Celsius or more. You do not need to rush to a doctor when faced with this situation. In most cases, fever in babies is normal.

How to Reduce Fever in Babies

Fever is actually a symptom. This symptom is a sign that the body of a baby is fighting against disease, for example is the fever caused by the effect of immunization. Fever can be considered to be evidence of a baby’s immune system works properly.
But there are certain conditions that require your vigilance. You should be wary if your baby is experiencing some of the symptoms below:
• Disturbance of appetite
• Rash
• Respiratory disorders
• Does not shed tears when crying
• Seizures

If you meet the above symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately. Especially if your baby is less than 3 months then you must immediately take him to the hospital. The reason is that every infant under three months do not have a thick protective layer between their bloodstream and their central nervous system. This condition allows the microorganisms to spread and damage nerve tissue quickly.

Outside the medical help you can overcome mild fever in your baby with some of the following ways:
1. A wet cloth
Using a cloth soaked in cold water and apply it on the baby’s forehead. The water in the cloth will evaporate due to the temperature on the surface of the baby’s skin and thereby lower the fever.

2. Lukewarm bath
Apply lukewarm bath to overcome the fever on your baby. For baby under 6 months you should apply lukewarm sponge bath up to 2 times a day. For baby over 6 months you can apply more.

3. Breast milk
Breast milk can supply the complete nutrition that will help your baby’s immune system to fight the virus.

4. The water intake
If your baby has a fever then he tends to sweat and this condition will deplete reserves of water inside his body. You need to give your baby more water to replace water lost through sweating.

5. Place your baby in a cool room
A cool room will make your baby feel comfortable thus accelerate healing.

6. Foot massage
Foot massage will make the baby feel relaxed. You are advised to use olive oil.

7. Use apple cider vinegar
If your baby over the age of 1 year, then you can combine the apple cider vinegar with lukewarm bath.

8. Check the temperature
You need to check the temperature periodically. You can use the oral method, method rectal, axillary method, and tympanic method.


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