6 Ways to Relief of the Sciatic Nerve Pain

July 31, 2015

One of the most common conditions that a chiropractor will see is issues with the sciatic nerve.  Lower back pain will be an issue, with pain shooting down the legs.

Sciatica is a condition in which the lower back starts to feel the pain and then it radiates to the buttocks, thigh, and into the lower leg and foot.

6 Ways to Relief of the Sciatic nerve pain

The most common reason many have this is due to the lumbar disc herniation.
However, there are ways that one can deal with  the pain of sciatica.

There are many different remedies that one can try out to help feel relief.

1. Use hot and cold therapy– This will help to reduce the pain and inflammation. Heat will help to loosen the muscles while the ice will help to reduce inflammation.

2. Chiropractor care- This can help a person as a wide range of treatments can be used. It may also be beneficial to see a physiotherapist. There are many different treatments that could be used such as joint mobilization, exercises, and soft tissue therapy.

3. McKenzie exercises are exercises that will be given to do by a chiropractor. These exercises will help to decrease the pain as well as help to centralize it into the lower back.

McKenzie Exercises4. Acupuncture or other traditional Chinese exercises- Many have found much relief with these methods as small needles are inserted into the skin, which will release endorphins, which help to make everyone feel better.

5. Lumbar spine traction and decompression therapy– Some therapist have found the method of using instruments to spread the lumbar vertebrae,which will allow the disc material to become reabsorbed into the outer material a good way to treat sciatica.

6. Pain killers can often be used to help individuals deal with the pain. They can also help to reduce inflammation. Consult with your doctor before taking any.

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