How to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain Within 15 Minutes

December 12, 2015

Scatica is one of health problem that frequently applied to older people. Most older people get prone to health disorder related to sciatica. Scatica nerve is long nerve in human system and start at spine though calf muscle and thigh. Human have 2 scatica nerves.

How to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain Within 15 Minutes

According to many survey that four up to ten people will get experience of sciatica pain in their life. This sciatica pain is not chronic but is usually produce great pain level. When you get this sciatica problem, you will be shock and all sciatica issue is painful. In many case, there is weakness in the tingling on legs and knees.

Here are common symptoms of sciatica:

–  Fatique, numbness and feeling reduction in the legs and feet

–  Pain felt in sciatic nerve

–  Lower back, lower buttock and calf

–  Electric sensation, pinching and tingling

–  Foot drop and can’t walk on your heel

–  An ankle do not flexible

–  Limited reflex in Achilles tendon and knees

–  Buckling of knees

Cause of sciatica pain

This pain always caused by herniated lumbar spine. This is part of spine and curved inward and located close to lower middle back. It is serious condition and you should visit to doctor immediately. However, there is 2-3 sciatica case occur as piriformis health problem. It is name of muscle acts as main rotator for hip and worked when you turn thigh out.

If you decide to remove or reduce soothe pain of sciatica, then you must know some types of this condition especially for back stretches and yoga.  Everyone can help this health problem by stretch lower back area and prevent from sciatica pain. Here are great natural treatment to reduce sciatica pain;

Erected back twist
Standing back twist is good pose for people who cannot bend in normal because after do this exercise, people will continue with other exercise. People just lift their foot and place on the chair.

At the same times, people should place opposite hand outward on the raised knee and make sure to place vice versa and left knee. Another hand should be stand on the hip and turn upper your body and keep hip in the straight position. It is important to stay in the position for thirty second and switch the position after. You should stop this exercise if you feel uncomfortable.

Rise your knee
You should lie down on the floor and move knees close to chest while another knees/legs straight position. You can use hand and push/pull your knees. The shoulder must stay on the ground for all time.

2 knees twist
You can start the exercise by lying down and spread hands to make capital T letter while keeping your shoulder on the ground. You should turn your own knees out to left and right. The shoulder must be remain on the ground for all times. You should keep this position for sixty seconds and switch to other position after.

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