Remedy that Stop the Stomach Pain IMMEDIATELY

September 2, 2015

Tea that Recovers the Stomach Mucus Membrane

This tea helps with gastric problems, relieves the acid and promotes normal stomach operation.

Remedy that Stop the Stomach Pain IMMEDIATELY

It also prevents bloating and stomach cramps, nausea, irritability and inflammation of the mucus membrane, has calming effect on the whole organism and facilitates digestion.

Due to the calming effect of the mint, it has soothing effect over the digestive tract, as well as over the gallbladder problems.

Make some mint tea and add some grind-ed nutmeg. Cover the cup, and drink it cold in small sips.


Method of application:

Drink 2 cups of this tea three times a day.

One box of mint tea is sufficient for one week treatment, just enough time for the stomach mucus membrane to regenerate.

Before using this potion, consult your doctor.

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