Remove Fibroma or Skin Warts very Easy! The Cheapest and the Most Effective Cure Everyone has at Home!

July 2, 2016

We all think the skin warts are harmless and came out just to make us anxious. However, their appearance is as a result of viruses attacking the papillomavirus (HPV), and it is an infection on the top layer of the skin.

More than 60 types of HPV can appear and some of them have the tendency to cause skin warts. The virus infects the outer layer of the skin most of the times by scratching a little part of it and develops rapid growth of cells. In this way the wart appears and can take place on the hands and on the fingers.

In most of the cases warts have the same color as the skin but, sometimes they can be slightly pigmented. There is no indication of health problem but, some people look at it as an aesthetic issue.

You can usually find them on your groin, eyelids, neck, armpits, belly, under the breasts and it can appear on people in their middle ages. One cannot be certain of their occurrence since they can be on any part of the body. Studies show that almost every person has at least one wart on their skin.There is time when the wart can grow, bleed or work and this can develop many problems.

The size and number increases due to the aging process. No one discovered the occurrence of the warts, but many think that the real reason is our genetics and the thickness of your skin. You can consult your doctor or dermatologist to diagnose fibroma and it will recommend the necessary treatment.

You need to be careful since the perfect period for removing the warts is when the weather is not so hot and the sun is less pronounced.

Dermatologists use several methods for removing the warts and they are applantion, electocoagulation, laser and radiosurgery. One treatment can be enough if the wart is smaller. The patient needs to take care of the hygiene and to take antibiotics for five days, right after the wart is removed.

Patients need to take preventative measures like staying dry for a short period since the sweat can cause complications and the dry area can speed the healing process.

Remove fibroma or skin warts very easy! The cheapest and the most effective cure everyone has at home!

How to use apple cider vinegar to remove fibroma?

One of the most beneficial natural remedies in every household is the apple cider vinegar. It has been used many centuries before, because of its effective healing properties and one of them is removing fibroma. This is due to the fact that acidity it contains is very effective.

As a precaution, never use apple cider vinegar when fibroma appears on your eye area since it can cause inflammation and pain to your eyes.

How to prepare this effective method to remove fibroma with vinegar:

  • Clean the area around the fibroma really well by using mild soap and water.
  • Soak the fibroma with water for 15 minutes or use toothbrush to rub it. Then dry the place with towel..
  • Wet the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply on the area where needed. Next, secure it with medical track or bandage in order to stay in place.
  • Wait for 15 minutes for the vinegar to act and rinse it well with water.
  • You should repeat the method three times daily for a week until it is removed completely.
  • At first, the wart will change the color and become darker. Then, it will fall off by itself after a while.
  • It can leave a scar after falling off, depending how big the wart is. In order to prevent this, apply marigold ointment or aloe vera gel.
  • Do the process very carefully, since the fibroma can be deep in the skin or in the surface.


Note that the apple cider vinegar can irritate the surrounding skin and make it red, therefore do not apply it there.

Be careful if there is a scab on your skin since the apple cider vinegar can harm your skin.

Wait until the scab falls off itself and do not remove it by force.

Share this with your friends or family to help them with this common issue since the results are amazing and it is very succesful.

Source: foodandourhealth

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