How to Remove All Types of Corns Permanently and Naturally

June 10, 2016

If you want to know how many steps you make in a day there is an information for approximately 5,900 steps. People not able to exercise too much are still active while walking since it is an simple and easy exercise.How to Remove All Types of Corns Permanently and NaturallyBut the walking can be unpleasant sometimes if you have corns on your feet and it is painful and not so pleasant to look.

They can grow as a result of the pressure on the feet by walking constantly. This pressure can be made by improper shoes you are wearing or by walking in a strange way not being aware of the consequences. You may be surprised, but corns are, in a way, protectors of the sensitive skin.

There is even a type of corn: hard and soft corn. The hard one has a central core and it is thicken, whereas the soft one is thinner and softer and can appear on your 4th and 5th toe.

Beside the fact that they defend your skin, they are certainly the unwanted skin anomaly no matter the kind. You can remove them with many market products but there are some natural way to do it and they are listed below:


You need three cloves of garlic peeled and crushed and roast them until they have a powdery form. The roasted powdery garlic combined together with the peel should be placed over the corn. To be more secured and in place cover it with gauze or cotton balls.

Banana peel

The white part of the banana peel can be scrapped and used as a treatment for corns. About one tablespoon of the banana peel and two drops of tea tree essential oil mixed together make a mixture in a form of a paste. Put this paste on the corns to treat them and secure it with bandagge.


In order to remove any kind of corns (hard of soft) you will need six aspirin tablets previously crushed and some lemon juice. Mix them and apply on the affected area for further treatment. To stay in place, wrap the treatment for the corns with a plastic bag and wait to do its job.

It will make the corns more softer because of the acid solution. To remove them completely use a pumice stone and rub your skin until is detached.

Aloe Vera and Potatoes

Grate uncooked potatoes and mix them with aloe vera gel making a potato paste. You should apply this paste on the affected area three times a day and wait for the amazing results.

The results of this remedies ca vary since if it is beneficial for one person that does not mean that the other person will have the same results.

Therefore, if the corns are coming back over and over again ask help from a podiatrist. Wear comfortable shoes that will fit you and moisturize the feet regularly and the troublesome corns will be gone in an instance.

Source: stethnews

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