How To Repair Your Kidneys Naturally Using Baking Soda!

May 6, 2016

We already know that baking soda has a variety of functions, one of which is in the field of health. Baking soda, or NaHCO3-sodium bicarbonate, is a crystallized alkaline chemical compound. This compound is also salty.

How To Repair Your Kidneys Naturally Using Baking Soda!In historical records, baking soda was first used by the ancient Egyptians as hieroglyphs paint, while the first modern factory baking soda was what opened in New York in 1846.

Some of the benefits of a combination of baking soda and water:

– Cope with allergies from poison ivy
– Get rid of flakes
– And the most important thing is to maintain the condition of the kidney and pancreas

For your information, the kidney condition can be restored naturally through the use of baking soda. First we have to realize that one of the causes of kidney damage is low bicarbonate levels, commonly called metabolic acidosis.

A study led by Prof. Magdi Yaqob, a teacher of the Royal London Whitechapel medical center, investigated the benefits of the use of baking soda to the health of the kidneys.
The study included 134 topics of renal impairment. One group was given daily intake of sodium bicarbonate and after one year the group members increased their health and even required less dialysis.

Prof. Yaqob said that his research might produce an effective drug for improving the quality of life and reducing the need for dialysis.


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