Reset Your Body’s Metabolism and Circulation

January 9, 2016

The feet are a wonderful part of the body.  For example, when we walk, our toes support half our body weight. The feet attract many pressures during the day while we walk, as much as a fully loaded cement truck!

Reset Your Body's Metabolism and Circulation

However, many of us do not pay attention to our feet unless we are trimming the toenails.  But a new spa treatment, foot reflexology, is becoming quite popular.

Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures, as well as others, have used foot reflexology for years as a means of health practice.  Caring for the feet properly can really have a great effect on the body.

One of the reasons that so many use this is due to the mapping of the organs.

There are other benefits to using the foot reflexology treatment.  These include increased metabolism, better sleep, relief from headaches, and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

This treatment can also be done at home, if you can not afford to go to a spa.

Reset Your Body's Metabolism and Circulation chart

Here we will show you how to do a basic foot massage:

  1. To get the feet clean and relaxed, begin by washing the feet well with soap and water.
  2. Next, add some essential oils to your regular lotion. Good ones to try are peppermint or lavender. This will be used as a lubricant for the massage.
  3. Start by squeezing and twisting each toe gently.
  4. Apply immense pressure while massaging the soles of the feet, holding each spot for a few seconds. Focus on the parts of the foot that are linked to the various body parts that you may be having issues with.
  5. Make sure to also focus on the tops of the feet, as this part is often neglected.

You may also consider walking barefoot outside or purchasing some stones to use on the feet.  Make sure to do this massage nightly.

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