Reverse-feeding Tube is Approved to Treat Obesity

June 23, 2016

A new way of dealing and treating obesity is invented and already tested by Washington University researchers, and that is the so called stomach-pumping device. It is available for the patients who need it.

Reverse-feeding Tube is Approved to Treat ObesityThis device has it original name Aspire Assist and it is a tube placed reverse that sucks food out of your stomach right after you eat before it is digested. On this date it was approved by Food and Drug Administration in the US.

Its developer is Dr. Samuel Klein, which is director of the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University. The study was made locally and seven out of ten people lost twenty percent of their weight by using the device.

Dr. Shelby Sullivan, who was in charge for the study in St. Louis on eleven participants financed by the company Aspire Bariatrics from Pennsylvania, says that this device makes the process of eating more pleasurable since it acts like calorie restriction organ.

The only condition for being candidate for this device, is to have body mass index of 35 to 55. This means that woman should have 205 to 320 pounds if it is 5 feet four inches. In man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, the weight should be 245 to 385 pounds. Researchers said that a person who was patient in the clinical trials got the body mass index from 50 to 35, after completing the therapy.

A patient in a clinical trial in Washington University, Eric Wilcoxon 44 years old, got his device in October 2013. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and from 389 pounds he went to 270 pounds. He still uses the device three times in a day.

Wilcoxon said that he varied in weight while following various diets by gaining and losing pounds but he regained 125 pounds. After using the device, he started coaching his son and his friends football and is very active in fishing, swimming and hunting. His pain in the knee has improved so the surgery was canceled but he is planning on keeping the device forever.

His words are that this aspiration device gives him strength which he never had since he had 400 pounds and felt embarrassed. He claims that the device works but you must be aware of the ingredients you consume and the chewing as well.

Many critics say that this is similar to eating disorder because of purging and binding food so they named the therapy medical bulimia.

As an answer to this Eric claimed that there is not purging or splurging food and that it emphasizes the effect of changing your diet.

His 400 pounds are those who prove everything, since if it was not for the process he will still be disappointed of  his life and eventually dead, therefore, no criticism should be made.

Dr. Sullivan said that patients never performed any abnormal eating behaviors like binging. On the contrary they ate small amount of calories because it is more demanding to chew food into the consistency as needed to aspirate it out of the stomach.

She claims that patients need to eat less food and chew it until they are tired of it since it needs to reduce in small pieces.

The process starts with inserting the tube inside the belly for 15 minutes out of the patient, where a valve is left outside the skin. The patient needs to attach the other tube after twenty or thirty minutes eating and gravity does everything. The food is removed and emptied in toilet just for ten minutes.

The only flow the device has is that people cannot consume a lot of food because there will be unpleasant consequences. The doctor says that it can change your way of eating just by watching the food after it was swallowed. The advice she gives is to chew vegetables and fruits completely until you get bored.

Dr. Sullivan says that the aspiration is not possible if you consume large meals. Also, the tube is clear so eat healthy food since it is visually better.

Patients lost 12 percent of their weight with the device, an exercise counseling and nutrition reviewed by FDA in a clinical trial, whereas other group which had only counseling lost for percent of the weight.

There are side effects too and they are vomiting, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. There are risks when placing the device as well and they are pain, infection and bleeding at the valve.

The prize for the aspiration device is not released yet, another similar device, stomach balloon costs approximately  $6,200. The insurance policy is still not included to the aspiration device since it is very early.

The benefit it has is that it can be used by patients with large body mass index who cannot go for gastric bypass surgery, as Dr. Sullivan says. This device cannot alter the anatomy of the person and does not require any food restriction unlike the surgery.

Sullivan likes the device because it can give lifetime results for managing the food intake and therefore achieving the desired weight. If the aim is to make people a better version of themselves, develop healthy eating behaviors and eating less, then you have the perfect tool for this.

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