Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With This Juice

October 15, 2015

You can reverse type 2 diabetes in just 1 week by using the following juice recipes.

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With This Juice

Avoiding pasta dishes, rice, corn, potatoes and other processed foods  made with flour, wheat, sugar, gluten, and corn syrup will help.

Ingredients needed for Spinach and celery juice:

– 2 celery stalks with leaves

– 3 handfuls spinach

– 1 carrot

– 1 green apple

– 1 cucumber (optional)

Wash and peel the carrot and apple and remove the seeds from the apple. Juice the carrot with the apple, celery and spinach.  The carrot is great for regulating the blood and is great for the eyes.  They also contain potassium that will counter balance the high sodium levels for those that suffer from high blood pressure.  Spinach is great for the body as it is high in beta carotene and vitamins A and C.

Celery is full of potassium and magnesium which will help with high blood pressure. The sodium found in the celery will also regulate blood pressure.  Green apple has malic acid which will bring sugar levels down in the body.

Brussel Sprout and String Bean Juice

– 10 to 12 brussel sprouts

– 2 cups string beans

– 1 cucumber (optional)

– 1 peeled lemon

Juice the brussel sprouts, then the beans and then the lemon. Combine all together and stir. The brussel sprouts and the beans will give energy and are a great source of insulin.

Spinach, Celery, and Parsley juice

– 2 handfuls spinach

– 1 stalk celery

– 1 handful parsley

– 2 carrots

– ½ green apple

Juice 2 carrots, then add the spinach, celery and parsley. Add the remaining carrot.   This will help one to lower their blood pressure naturally as there is potassium, sodium and other minerals found in this juice.

Watercress, Tomato and Parsley juice

– 1 handful parsley

– 6 sprigs watercress

– 2 tomatoes

– 2 apples

Cut apple into wedges and remove the seeds and core.  Place all ingredients into a juicer.  This recipe is great to prevent heart disease and stroke.  Green apple consumption on a daily basis has been found to lower cholesterol levels in the body.  Tomatoes can also protect against heart disease and watercress is full of not only antioxidants but beta carotenes which will help reduce cancers, heart disease and cataracts.

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