September 30, 2013


For High Pressure, Impotence, PMS, kidney’s ……..

Those with kidney disease who are going on dialysis three times a week and drink a glass of Rose Hip juice are at lower risk of infection, which is one of the main the causes of death in these patients.

The study conducted on 110 patients, and half of them during the year, three times a week, drink Rose Hip juice , while the other half received another drink.

Among those who drank Rose Hip juice was discovered lower amount of concentration of inflammatory molecules in blood and they rarely require hospitalization of patients of that control group.

ROSE HIPDialysis otherwise causes an increase in the concentration of harmful free radicals in the blood, so the patients of this treatment are exposed to exposed to infection.
Studies in the last three years have shown that, among all kinds of fruit and vegetable Rose Hip has the highest amount of polyphenols antioxidant that reduces cell damage caused by free radicals.

If you want to remove fat and cleaning the body from harmful substances, Hip Rose juice is the perfect drink for you.
The seeds and juice are high in antioxidants than 100 ml red wine or green tea. Due to the high content of antioxidants, can help in the fight against breast cancer and prostate cancer.
As for breast cancer, new research suggests that eating fruit or drinking juice can slow the growth of some types of breast cancer or prevent them. The study shows that ellagitannins (groups of phytochemicals), inhibits growth of breast cancer.
It normalizes blood pressure.
Rose Hip juice thiners the blood. As a result of that,Its great for blood flow in the heart. One study showed that drinking 1.5 oz Rose Hip juice daily, lower’s systolic blood pressure by 5%.

Useful for heart

rosehip syrup

Rose Hip and its juice can help prevent the decreasing of the arteries, but also can reduce the disease progression.Collection of plaque can lead to a change of blood flow, which can cause heart attack or stroke.
These effects are used for people with diabetes who are at increased risk for atherosclerosis. A new preliminary study shows that people with diabetes who drank Rose Hip juice , three months had a lower risk of atherosclerosis.
Protects the thyroid cartilage
According to a study at the University “Case Western Reserve” at the Faculty of Medicine published in September 2005, Rose Hip juice acts as an inhibitor of the enzymes responsible for cartilage damage, so it is great for people who suffer from osteoarthritis. Fruits contain anti-inflammatory properties, which also help in the treatment of this disease.

Healthy teeth

Research suggests that drinking the Rose Hip juice can be a natural way to prevent dental plaque, because It has antibacterial properties. This helps to reduce the chances of bad breath and gum disease.

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Is effective against impotence

Studies show that the Rose Hip juice can be effective in improving blood flow throughout the body, which is of particular importance for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.
It stimulates the production of nitric oxide, what “relax” the blood vessels.
Prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
In animal studies,Rose Hip juice can prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
Fighting colds and flu.
Large amounts of vitamin C, helps fight against flu and cold symptoms. If you catch the flu, just drink 1 to 2 cups of diluted Rose Hip juice.


It is believed that the Rose Hip balances estrogen levels in women. Therefore it is advisable to be added in a diet because they can help fight PMS and problems associated with menopause.
The Rose Hip has no side effects and can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities. Each fruit is a source of wealth. If its eaten fresh, health effects are much more numerous and more powerful.
It is recommended for better use of antioxidants and as part of a balanced diet, and also in problems with appetite, morning nausea and sore throat. It has been proven that it helps people who suffer from asthma, because high levels of vitamin C, a powerful anti-inflammatory activity. Juice bar can be effective in the fight against the hardening of blood vessels.

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