Rosemary for Alzhimer`s Disease and Poor Memory

September 28, 2013

Rosemary (1)Italian scientists recently came to interesting results regarding rosemary.

It works great for people with Alzheimer’s disease and can improve memory.

Rosemary is a herb which has a long tradition of using and this led Italian scientists to explore deeper. Rosemary has been used a long time in folk medicine, and among people is considered as a balm for the brain.
From rosemary were making various extracts used in aromatherapy and various shampoos. According to connoisseurs of folk medicine, these extracts are used to help peripheral nerves and transfer of information between neurons, and according to scientists extract of rosemary affects prevent progressive deterioration of nerve tissue in Alzheimer’s disease.
Besides rosemary action against Alzheimer’s disease and improving of memory, according to scientists rosemary improves breathing, work of the kidneys and digestion. Rosemary improves cardiovascular system, the flow of lymph, and act effectively in the healing of wounds and burns.

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