She Rubs VapoRub On Cotton And Sticks It In Her Ear…

April 21, 2016

VapoRub has various functions related to health, one of which is to reduce the impact of insect bites. VapoRub basically contains several important ingredients such as menthol, cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, and of course, eucalyptus oil.

She Rubs VapoRub On Cotton And Sticks It In Her Ear...

Most people use this cream to rub into their foreheads and according, menthol aroma of VapoRub is able to relieve the pressure and pain in the head. Rubbing VapoRub on children’s feet is also trusted by many mothers able to prevent the flu.
Daily Mail reported that the majority of consumers feel that Vicks ointment works well when rubbed on their feet.

Prevent your pet pee:
VapoRub is also very effective to prevent your pet pee carelessly in the house. Open VapoRub in every part of the house where the pet likes to pee. According to, Vets highly recommend this way. If you do not like dogs you can go to your wardrobe then you can put this cream on the area of the wardrobe door. However always consult your veterinarian before doing this procedure.

Overcoming your stretch marks:
It may sound far-fetched but many people claim that VapoRub is able to diminish stretch marks.


Repelling insects:
Rub this ointment on the area of the neck, behind the ears, arms and legs then you can keep bugs away. This method is recommended instead of using a variety of chemical sprays.

Reduce muscle soreness:
According to some acupuncturist, Vicks can relieve muscle pain while increasing circulation.


Eliminating acne:
VapoRub is used against all types of acne, including cystic acne acute. Apply this cream on your pimples before sleeping and Bingo! Your acne will shrink next day.

Overcome nail fungus:
Apply this cream on the nails then you can get rid of the nail fungus effectively.

Preventing scratching:
Apply this cream on every area where your cat likes to scratch. Cats hate VapoRub scent.

Ear pain relief:
Apply the ointment on a cotton ball and apply the ball on your ears. says that VapoRub is very effective to relieve a variety of mild ear pain.

Relieving tick bite:
According, Vicks is first aid for problems associated with ticks because the smell of the ointment can repel any tick.

VapoRub has many benefits for our health, but remember that you should always consult your doctor in advance.


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