Russian Doctor Claims That Your Immune System Is Able To Recover In 15 Seconds!

October 3, 2016

With a stronger immune system you and your body will be less prone to getting colds and flu. If you experience persistent colds and other symptoms that may be a sign that you need to take care of your body in order to restore and strengthen you immune system.


Doctor Sergei Bubnovskiy from Moscow has an amazing trick and technique he shared with the world.

According to him something as simple as ice can really improve your immune system.

What you need to do is soak your feet in an ice bath for about 15-20 seconds every day and your immune system will be significantly reinforced. It will be better prepared to fight colds and flu symptoms.

Take a bigger basin and fill it with cold water and then add a lot of ice and soak your feet. If you can’t stand the cold try to accustom your legs naturally and try smaller time intervals until you can stand the low temperature.

Do this daily if you have time because it can really do wonders for your immune system.

Other than this there is another alternative and that is to take cold showers. It may look severe but it does help with this problem and also stimulate your nervous system and wake you up.

Cold showers can be very beneficial to the heart and the blood vessels. You can shower with cold water just for about 2 minutes or until you can stand it.

Other than this method you have to pay attention to your diet to since it is very crucial for a good and better immune system. Eating clean and healthy can bring you a lot of health benefits too.

Source: naturalandhealthylives

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