Russian Expert Reveals : Here’s How to Strengthen Your immunity in just 15 Seconds !

June 13, 2016

One famous Moscow specialist in kinesitheraphy claims that his simple method is able to reestablish the immune system and its function only for fifteen seconds.

 Russian Expert Reveals  Here’s How to Strengthen Your immunity in just 15 Seconds !

This famous person is professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovskij, and he recommends using its simple method to strengthen your immunity.

Here are the instructions:

After a hard working day, first thing you should do when you come home every night is putting a large bowl of cold or almost icy water into your bathtub. You should stay away from the hot water.

Next, get in the tub with your bare feet and enter in the ice cold water for ten to fifteen seconds.

To make it more comfortable you can turn on some lively music and dance to it. Then, leave the bathtub and wipe your feet with a dry cotton towel and put on socks, wool ones if you have. You should repeat the method every night before going to bed and feel the difference.

You already have a cold or cough and it causes you problems?

Well, in this case you should step in the ice cold water with your feet every four hours. You may think this is going to worsen the situation and your overall condition but, this is not the case.

The results show that, on the contrary the method will boost your immunity and Dr. Sergei is a living proof.

Source: homehealthyrecipes

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