Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way! Successful In 95% of Cases!

June 13, 2016

One of the major and most common health problems in our modern time is the low back pain in other words knowns as witch stab, hexenschuss and lumbago.Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way! Successful In 95% of Cases!

What Is It?

The spine has thirty three vertebrae which are twelve thoracic, seven cervical, five sacrum, five lumbar and four coccyx. They all are connected to many ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and nerves which hold the body as a whole unit.We have the upright posture thanks to the canal within the spine in which the spinal cord together with the nerve roots of legs and arms.

Our spine is constantly exposed to mechanical action due to the fact that it has multiple functions. These actions like pressure, bending, train, shear and twisting can lead to overuse of the spine. .

The various range of the motion is controlled by different parts of spine. Therefore, our breast part has low mobility whereas the neck is highly mobile.

The usual source of the pain are the degenerative changes which are caused by the transition between two parts of the spine.

Risk Category

Those people who have hard physical jobs or sedentary jobs, the ones with osteoporosis, older men with degenerative process as well as congenital anomalies of the spine or great injuries, are the people prone to the low back pain.

Treatment and Prevention

Researchers say that people who suffer from back pain can live much more easier if they use the herb called comfrey. They can find it on wet field areas, ditches near water or meadows.

Experts from the German Sports University conducted a research which included hundred and twenty people who suffer from upper or lower back pain. They wanted to test a cream which contained comfrey root extract in it.

The results being published by The British Journal of Sports Medina, showed that people healed their back pain successfully by only using the cream five days as a treatment. The experts explain that it is clinically proven as being very potent, so the extract of the root can reduce the back pain.

This herb was used many years before, even in the ancient times. Comfrey has hairy leaves and large root resembling like a beet. The studies proved its effect on other types of pain used as a gel form against dislocation and pain of joints in the knee and osteoarthritis. Bare in mind that it can damage your liver so, never use it as a supplement or capsule.

Via Health Advisor Group | My Healthy Life Vision

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