Scientists Discovered That Coconut Oil Could Reverse Alzheimer’s

May 26, 2016

After many hopeless medical attempts on Dr. Mary Newport’s husband suffering from dwindling dysfunction due to the Alzheimer’s were unsuccessful, she decided to find cure that will help him from going to special care house. That magical cure was the coconut oil.Scientists Discovered That Coconut Oil Could Reverse Alzheimer'sThe successful recovery was spread all over via Internet and Dr. Newport wrote a book as a memory that will help many people.

As this went viral, people started trying the new recovery and many of them had senior problems, rain fogginess and dementia but, after the the results came and they helped even their relatives, videos and reports of testimony showed up.

The medicine and the mainstream doctors did not approve the coconut oil as a cure for any kind of dementia nor even for Alzheimer’s, no matter how great the effect is.

Other groups as well as AA (Alzheimer’s Association) stand for the medical treatment of the patients with Alzheimer’s not even mentioning the coconut oil, because there was still no peer reviewed studies or scientific evidence.

Luckily, this peer reviewed study was made and other was in progress with many positive results.


(published 01.12.2015)

The medical experiment was within the Europe nations, more specifically Spain, and that is why the study was already finished even before the start. These nations (Europe and middle-east as well as Israel) were not so much interested in finding any cure without the help from the pharmaceutics.

For example, Israel and Spain made human studies and researches for the usage of cannabis in the medicines.

The clinical experiment in Spain includes watching the patients with Alzheimer’s from different ages and genders with and without diabetes to prove whether or not the coconut oil can be useful for reducing this condition and many other mental dysfunctions.

For better conclusion, they used cognitive tests before and after the trial if changes occur. The experimented group was given 40 ml of coconut oil or approximately two point seven tablespoons in a day.

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