See How Drinking Lemon Water In the Morning Treats 15 Health Conditions

August 27, 2015

Lemon water, when drank first thing in the morning, is very great for the health.  It should be warm and drank on an empty stomach.

See How Drinking Lemon Water In the Morning Treats 15 Health Conditions

Lemons are wonderful as they contain protein, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals.  Here are the top effects of drinking lemon water in the morning.

1. Help to heal acne as this will help to metabolize the acidic temperament of the body. This will prevent acne breakouts. Lemon juice can also be rubbed on the face to help with acne.

2. Loose weight by drinking lemon juice. Pectin fiber will help to fight cravings, while the lemon juice is a great digestive aid.

3. Remove kidney stones by drinking lemon juice as the potassium will increase the citrate levels in the urine.

4. Support the immune system.

5. Treat gall bladder stone pain by drinking lemon juice with a meal.

6. Fight a cold and the flu by drinking lemon juice, since it will contain high amounts of vitamin C.

7. Treat GERD. After consuming lemon water for a while, one will no longer need antacids.

8. Increase the strength of the fingernails by consuming lemon juice. Lemon water will also help to clear up the white spots on the nails.

9. Consuming lemon juice water can help ward off food poisoning.

10. Treat fibromyalgia when lemon water is used in conjunction with yoga.

11. Reduce inflammation in the body. Lemons are full of anti-inflammatory properties, which will neutralize acidity.

12. Relive muscles that are sore by drinking a glass of lemon water.

13. Drinking lemon water will help reduce uric acid in the joints, which causes inflammation.

14. Consuming lemon water can help to ward off alcoholic cravings.

15. Balance out PH levels in the body and reduce colitis. Lemon water will help to reduce the acidity in the body.


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