Seven natural ways for lung cleanse

April 1, 2014

Seven super-efficient foods that helps at lung cleanse

Seven natural ways that will help you clear your lungs from toxins and nicotine are:


1.Sweet corn – contains beta-cryptoxanthin that protects from lung cancer and is a strong antioxidant.

2. Selenium – This powerful antioxidant can be found in various species of fish, lamb, eggs and cereals.

lung cleanse

3. Garlic – White, red and black garlic have anticancer effects. Garlic helps to prevent different infections and diseases, and at cancer patients prevents the spreading.


4. Ginger – you can use this herb as a tea and can be consumed in the diet and as a spice. Ginger relieves breathing and helps discarding toxins from the lungs.

lung cleanse

5. Orange – is a rich source of vitamins and contains cryptoxanthin.

6. Nettle – contains large amounts and helps for detoxification and protection of the lungs.

lung cleanse

7. Pine needle tea – this tea is for cleansing the mouth and throat and it can be a good cure for cancer.

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