Several Ways to Stop Drink Soda

March 18, 2015

Soda is bad for Your Health… Several Ways to Stop Drink It

Soda is hard to resist, even when you know that is not good for you. The more you drink it, the more dangerous habit it can become. Drinking less soda can be a difficult thing to do but it also can have benefits for your health and weight.

Several Ways to Stop Drink Soda

The calories from added sugars in soda can cause chronic conditions like diabetes, and also can lead to poor bone health and tooth decay. The biggest risk you take when drinking soda is the excess calories and that is the main reason to stop drinking soda.

Diet or sugar-free sodas are not good for you either, even if they do not have any calories. They cannot help you to reduce your weight. Sugar-free soda has mostly the same risks as regular soda, and also they can cause depression in women and heart disease.

Several Ways to avoid soda:

Wean off slowly: If you drink more than one glass of soda daily, than you can cut that amount back to one glass of soda a day. In that case you will drink seven glasses of soda weekly. Than cut that amount back to three glasses of soda a week. This is more easily said than done, but you have to be realist and wean yourself off slowly.

Make a mix of soda and water: While trying to wean yourself off soda, start drinking half-water half-soda. In that way you will drink less soda and that is a good thing to start avoiding soda. . The water cuts back the sugar you get from soda and when you get used to it you won’t need that sugar no more.

First, drink a glass of water: People are used to drink soda even if the reason for that is just boredom. Drink a glass of water first when you feel the need for soda, and you will feel satisfied and your thirst will be quenched from the water.

Start counting your calories: Did you know that each 20-ounce bottle of Coke contains 240 calories? Download the application for calorie-tracking and see how much these drinks can affect your intake of calories per day, log in and upload every serving of soda. When you see your results, you will be more willing to cut the soda back.

Do the exercise math: When you count the calories that you take from Coke at the calorie-tracking application, start thinking how many exercises you would do to burn those calories off. For example, it is known that for a 20-ounce bottle of Coke you would need 50 minutes of jogging.

Replace it with unsweetened tea: If you are not a coffee lover, drink a cup of tea (without sugar) instead, when you wake up in the morning. The tea contains phytochemicals which are beneficial for health, and drinking it can be refreshing. You can add some lemon or mint in the tea if you don’t like it plain.
Try with seltzer water: You are thirsty for carbonation? Try drinking seltzer water, which you can make at home with a Soda Stream machine. In that case you control the sugar added, and you have the bubbles that you love in soda. To class up the water you can add frozen berries or fresh mint.

Replace it with caffeine-free version: You may replace the regular soda with the caffeine-free version, if you are not ready to quit drinking the regular one. You won’t realize that you are drinking less. There is a study in which participants were split into 2 groups and told to drink soda as much as they want for the following 28 days. The one group was given regular coke, and other caffeine-free.) The people from the caffeinated group drank 55% more over the next month – that is 5-ounces a day.

Save it for special occasions: Once you are able to avoid drinking regular soda, it may be treated as any other junk food (love the taste – there is nothing wrong with the indulgence). However, if you know that you can have soda on your cheat day or during a special night out can help you resist them on a regular basis. Understand that soda is just sugar and additional flavorings. Then you can think first if you are going to drink it.

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