The Shape Of Your Nose Tells A Ton About Your Personality! (See Details Inside)

June 15, 2016

How weird it sounds? The shape of your nose can say many things about your character. It is scientifically argued as well by the professor Abraham Tamir from Israel whose study has been published in the journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

 The Shape Of Your Nose Tells A Ton About Your Personality! (See Details Inside)

We will introduce eight different nose forms and the character properties of them:

The Nubian

This kind can be distinguished through its length. The wide point of the nose points downwards and the bridge is straight. People with this shape are supposed to be very inquisitive and curious. They try to accommodate everyone around them and are optimistic. For every problem they have solution and are very likable persons.

The Greek

You may have already guessed where the name comes from – the antique Greek sculptures. Most of the sculptures have this shape made by the artists and it is distinguished by its straightness and narrow length. The personal characteristics of the people are distance from people and not a center of attention seeker. Loyalty and practicality are the best characteristics of the Greek nose owners. They do not talk openly about their feelings and are very closed inside.

The hooknose

This shape can be compared with a beak of bird. From the base of the nose bone to the tip it is all bent. Many creative people have this type of nose and they are quite self-sacrificing which is not always a good thing. They are never afraid to take risks for reaching their goals and passionately defend their beliefs.

The arched

It has the similar shape of the hooknose except that it is curved more from the nasal bone to the tip. Also, the tip of the nose is more pointed. Everyone who has this concave nose is considered to be more determined. This people are very good at organizing their work and are closely connected to it.

The button nose

This shape of a nose is very short and it seems dainty a little bit. It is not very conspicuous that is why it is more popular. The people having this button nose are very spontaneous while they are deciding which makes other people annoyed. They prefer to get down to business and are very strong-minded persons. Also, they are stubborn and get everything they want always.

The straight

The most common nose form in Asia is the straight one. It is a bit flatter than the other forms and very straight. The tip is round and the nostrils are wide. The straight nose owners have very strong character and are passionate as well as temperamental. They get very angry when provoked.

The concave

The concave nose has on its nose bone a small arch. It is not very noticeable because it has the petite look. People who have this shape are very generous and ready to help immediately when someone has any kind of problem. Because of the sensible character these people are very easy to hurt or offend.

The crooked

The name may not sound flattering, but the nose form has the meaning of a very pleasant character. The tip is very rounded and the bridge stands out. The owners of the crooked nose are very devoted to what they do for living. They are good friends and partners because of their careful listening. They always tend to be down-to-earth persons.

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