Shocking: You May Have 33 Pounds Of Toxins In Your Intestines. Get Rid Of Them!

May 27, 2016

Everything that you consume goes to our digestive system. During a long period of time, waste and toxins will build up and cause numerous damages in your health like irregular bowel movements, constipation, low energy, diarrhea and weakened immune system.

Shocking You May Have 33 Pounds Of Toxins In Your Intestines. Get Rid Of Them!

To fix all these issues, improve your overall health and well-being as well as your guts, you should start  the colon cleanse treatment. It is also great for loosing some extra weight if you start any diet or weight loss program.

The most prominent health experts, nutritionists and dietitians recommend cleanse as an starter for weight loss regime.

The popular singer Elvis Presley died as a result of red meat and other unhealthy food consummation altogether being colon jam. The use of drugs and laxatives had not did any help.

The average size of the colon is approx. 5 to 7 feet long and about two inches in diameter. But the Elvis’s colon was three and a half inches in diameter in several places and as big as four and a half to five inches in diameter in other places.

The mega colon was packed in jam from the base of the down places colon all the way up to the middle transverse colon. Its consistency is a white nasty material and if he used cleansing or detoxifying method he would still have been alive.

Two amazing ingredients which help with the cleanse of the colon are:


According to Wikipedia, it is a fermented drink which consists of milk and grains with many beneficial features. It is a great source of protein with a number of crucial amino acids, large group of B vitamins and minerals.

Healthy and Natural World for the kefir uses the terms friendly bacteria and beneficial yeasts as major ingredients for cleansing. These probiotics can improve the balance of intestinal flora, can clean intestine and it can destroy pathogens (parasites and e-coli). Kefir helps relieving inflammatory bowel disease, restoring the digestive system and boosts the immune system.

It can be made specially for people intolerant of lactose putting almond milk, coconut milk or water, fruit juice, rice milk and many others.


Flaxseed is an extraordinary cleanser which absorbs water and as he passes through the colon it expands. It is a scrub and brush at the same time because it can brush the waste and toxins out of your body. It is rich with alpha-linolenic acid which is omega 3 fat acid form. These acids have anti-inflammatory characteristics and can ease irritable belly.

Flaxseeds are not digestible as whole, so you should grind them in a coffee grinder, if you have one, before use. You must take into consideration that flaxseeds can stay fresh only twenty four hours.

The flaxseed oil is healthy as well but not appropriate for the colon cleanse method. It is only grounded flaxseed that is best for toxins and waste removal from the digestive system.

Using Kefir and Flaxseed Together

You may not be able to digest the fermented food because you are not used to it. But, there is always a way and that is by taking small amount and then gradually increase the consummation. It is very important for the immune system to use it several times weekly during 2 weeks.

Here is how to use them according to Healthy and Natural World:

First, use one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with two or three tablespoons of kefir before breakfast and before going to bed. Some people not accustomed to kefir try it with other meals. You must drink a lot of water, at least eight glasses. Take this mixture for a week and then take a break for a couple of days.

It is most important to do the cleanse naturally and with great caution since the good bacteria can be easily removed if it is done too frequently and improperly.

Watch the video for more information on how natural colon cleanse importance.

Source: www.davidwolfe

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