Shrink Ovarian Cyst with These Natural Remedies, and Forget About Surgery

June 20, 2016

According to many researchers millions of women are diagnosed with ovarian cyst every year. This is common health issue within the women no matter of their age.Shrink Ovarian Cyst with These Natural Remedies, and Forget About SurgeryThese are baggy things with fluid on the ovarian or inside of it. They are usually as a result of a hormonal changes in the body and are often called functional cysts. These cysts are not very harmful for lady’s health like other types (organic cysts) which cause cancer.

They can get many shapes and sizes. If the cysts are increasing in size, they can provoke many difficulties and some can be very serious.

These big cysts can split and cause great pain the abdominal area and even internal bleeding. If this happens then it can be dangerous since an urgent surgery is needed. Another serious and life treating situation is twisting the ovary stopping the blood from flowing and if a surgery is not performed then the tissue of the ovary can be harmed or lost.

You can read below remedies that can help women affected with this condition or how to remove them completely without any surgical equipment. Be aware that the consultation with doctor is needed before you try any of these.

Licorice root

It can be quite effective in treating and preventing the ovarian cysts by regulating the production of hormones. This root can balance the progesterone and estrogen levels in our body, which make it a great cure for this issue.

The solution is very easy to prepare just put the root in water and let it boil for ten minutes. When the tea is ready place it in the refrigerator and drink it twice a day: one glass in the morning and other before bed.

Beets (Beetroot) and treacle (molasses)

Another root which helps and prevents the appearance of the ovarian cysts is the beet root. This will remove and fight them but you need molasses and beets. The remedy can be made with two pounds of washed and grated beetroot and a pint of molasses all mixed in a glass container. This can be stored in the fridge and used for a month three time a day.

Dandelion and Cinnamon

A herb which is very useful in treating the cysts is dandelion. But, combined with cinnamon is even greater. The mixture can be prepared by making a dandelion tea with its leaves and roots and some cinnamon on top of it. You should take this healing tea twice a day.

Try these healing mixtures and share with your relatives or friends. Take care and stay healthy!

Source: essentialhealthadvisor

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