Signs of Gallbladder Issues

February 3, 2015

Signs of Gallbladder Issues

The gallbladder stores bile from the liver, which will help the body break down the food that it eats. It is located behind the liver, and is often not thought about. Until it starts causing pain.


Those pains that it can make the body have include dull pains that feel like cramps, severe abdominal pain, heartburn like symptoms, chest pains, stools that are lighter in color, shaking with chills, pain that increases when deep breaths are taken, pain that comes after eating a fatty meal, pain under the right shoulder blade, pain that extends up into the back, fever, nausea, excessive gas, indigestion, jaundice, full feeling in the abdomen, and tenderness in the abdomen.

Issues that can be seen with the gallbladder include:

Gallstones– Small stones can develop in the gallbladder. They may or may not cause pain. For individuals that have had stones for more than 10 years, they are less likely to develop the above symptoms.

Inflamed gallbladder– This can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, gallstones, tumors, or infections. The gallbladder’s walls often become painful and swollen. The gallbladder could erupt in some cases.

Chronic gallbladder disease– Chronic diarrhea is often seem as a symptom of this disease. It could easily be happening up to 10 times daily, usually after a meal is consumed. The gallbladder may be rigid, and symptoms will appear to be more constant.

Should any of the symptoms appear in an individual, it will be best to see your physician. They may wish to schedule tests to be run to see if the gallbladder is the culprit. An individual can have the gallbladder removed, as it is not needed in every day life functioning. The surgery is simple and a patient is usually able to be discharged the same day.


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