Signs of a Disease can be Seen in the Mouth, Specifically on the Tongue!

October 24, 2015

Symptoms of diseases are visible in different ways, but what you probably did not know is that the signs of a disease can be seen in your mouth, specifically on the tongue.

Signs of a Disease can be Seen in the Mouth, Specifically on the Tongue

The tongue helps physicians in disease diagnosis. Also shows the signs of cold, fever, hepatitis, headaches, or poor bowel movement.

Tongue in a healthy person should be pink, clean and covered with tiny bumps that act like taste recipients.But when the tongue is red, black or white, that is an indication that something in the body does not operate effectively.

Swollen tongue usually means allergies and dark tongue could mean excessive use of antibiotics or symptoms of AIDS. Long ridges in the tongue most likely indicate STD, syphilis. Sleek and sturdy tongue indicates lack of vitamin B12.

If we talk about the most serious things that can be seen on the tongue, such as sores, bumps or sudden bleeding tongue, those might be symptoms indicating tongue cancer.

Indian doctors have developed software that should help, using the digital image which is obtained by the aforementioned software, physicians clearly detect whether there has been a change in the color, texture or bloating in the tongue.

The software now recognizes 14 different states, and doctors are hoping soon to be able to develop a similar program that will be able to read the data from the eyes.

What scientists also found was that long and thick tongue can cause snoring.



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