Simple Exercise With Your Hands to Boost Energy Within Five Minutes

December 4, 2015

It is important to know that Jin Shin Jyutsu is great art to release tension which cause different health symptom. The human body contain of energy pathway that feed to all cell in the body.

Simple exercise with your hands to boost energy within five minutes

When one or other path become blocked, then people will get bad effect and lead to harm pain and discomfort. The blockage and stagnation area will continue to dis harmonize path of  energy flow.

It is easy therapy to boost energy and build good emotion balance though stimulate the meridian in hands. This technique is very simple and everyone can do this method anywhere.

–  The fingers are connected to various organ and emotions. Please check this picture and decide to focus on trouble area and do body balance

–  Hold fingers that correlation with emotion to calm and organ to heal for three or five minutes while breathing

–  Go through all fingers if you want to get total harmony in the body

–  In one study show that patient is able to get positive feeling health benefits and there is no stage type of cancer. They can reduce nausea and stress level after session.

People will remember as child and hold thumb made it was so easier to fall asleep. It was no strange the universal language for middle fingers.

Do exercise with hands

Thumb : help people to reduce stress, digestion, shoulder tension, lung tension
Organ : spleen and stomach. Help with headaches, nervousness, stomach ache and skin problem

Index finger : help people to reduce self criticism, frustration, fear and mental confusion
Organ : bladder and kidney. Help with teeth, jaw, gums, bursitis, digestion, tennis elbow, constipation and backaches

Middle finger : help people to reduce anger, indecisiveness and irritability
Organ : gall bladder and liver. Help with eyes, fatigue, nursing mother, vision and headaches

Ring finger : help people to reduce sadness, negativity, fear of rejection and grief
Organ : intestine and lungs. Help people to reduce asthma, ringing of ear, negative attitude, excessive mucus, skin problem and respiratory function

Little finger : help people to reduce low self esteem, nervousness, insecurity and judgmental
Organ : small intestine and heart. Help with bloating, heart condition, blood pressure, sore throat and nerve problem.

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