A Simple Oil to Protect Against Diabetes and Help the Kidneys

May 4, 2015

One of the most versatile oils ever is cinnamon oil. This sweet spice is used all over the world. Plus it makes a great tea. Cinnamon can be used to extract an essential oil that is sweet and has a great aroma.
There are many health benefits to using cinnamon oil as well.

Simple Oil
Many are astonished to know that they can make homemade cinnamon oil at home. One will need cinnamon sticks, a glass jar, with a wide mouth and straight sides (amber or green work the best), and olive oil.
To begin, fill the glass jar with cinnamon sticks. Fill up the jar with as many cinnamon sticks as you can. Pour the olive oil over the cinnamon sticks until they are all covered. Place the lid on the jar.

Place the jar in a warm spot where it will not tip over, such as a window sill. Leave for 3 weeks, shaking the jar daily. By shaking the jar, the oils will be released. After 3 weeks, cinnamon oil will have formed. Strain the oil well by placing a cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar. Another method is just pulling the cinnamon sticks out of the jar. Store the cinnamon oil in a cool place, in an amber jar.

Cinnamon oil benefits:
To use the cinnamon oil for diabetes, you can add one drop of the cinnamon oil to food after it has been cooked. Adding the drop to salads is a great way to get all the nutrients from the cinnamon oil. The blood glucose levels will be lowered when consumed, and will have a stimulating effect on the pancreas. The cinnamon oil is able to lower the blood glucose levels due to the cinnamaldehyde that is found in the cinnamon bark.
Cinnamon oil can also help protect against urinary tract infections, which can be bacterial or fungal.
Using the cinnamon oil in a sitz bath is a good way to treat these infections. Adding 10 to 15 drops of the oil can provide quick relief.
Cinnamon oil can also help to protect the kidneys. The oil will help to reduce the workload of the kidneys while protecting the kidneys from toxins.
Arthritis can be treated using cinnamon oil. Massaging this oil onto painful spots can help to relieve the pain. Add 4 to 5 drops of the oil into a base oil, such as mustard oil then warm the oil gently. Massage the area of pain gently, using once per day to relieve pain.
Depression can also be treated using cinnamon essential oil. It will help to lift the senses. Just inhaling from the vial will soothe the mind and help one overcome what they are feeling.


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