Simple Tricks That You Can do to Eliminate Gross and Blackheads Permanently

October 14, 2015

Do you find difficulty in eliminating the problems associated gross and blackheads?

In this article you will be given a simple inexpensive solution to solve your problem. You do not even need to use expensive facial cleansers and strip!

Simple tricks that you can do to eliminate gross and blackheads permanently

This trick is far more effective than any chemical drugs that you normally use.

Consider the following recipe:


1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon sea salt

warm water

Method of preparation:

Prepare a small bowl, and mix of sea salt and lemon juice into it. Stir and you will get a mix that you need to wipe your entire face. Add the mixture to the area of ​​the face where the blackheads are. Allow a few minutes and take a warm wet washrag and rub it on your skin. Massage your skin gently for 5 minutes, then wash your face by using cold water.

Perform this procedure every day for a week, and you will find your face clean of blackheads. The secret of the effectiveness of this recipe is citric acid content which serves to prevent germs and bacteria. Salt, as an important part of this recipe, serves as an antibacterial agent that is capable of opening and cleaning the pores of your skin.

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