If You Sleep With Your Pet, Your Health And Your Kid’s Health Are In Danger!

April 7, 2016

You should know that some pets may pose some health problems, especially for small children and people who have a weak immune. Dog is one of the most popular pets from time to time and this animal can carry a wide variety of parasites. According to some studies, more than half of pet owners in the United States sleep with their pets.

If You Sleep With Your Pet, Your Health And Your Kid’s Health Are In Danger!

Some other countries such as France, the Netherlands, the UK and Japan also show the same trend so we can say that sleeping with pets is a universal trend. But you should not follow this trend because you will only bring your kids into danger, a danger related to some dangerous bacteria and virus.

One of the deadly diseases that spread easily through direct contact with pets is meningitis. This disease has a mortality risk of 50 percent, and although the disease is curable, but it can lead to the risk of permanent neurological damage such as paralysis, epilepsy, or mental disorders. You don’t want to see your children get any mental disorder, disturbing their future, right?

See what written in next paragraph below:

Some other scientists found that sleeping with pets will increase some dangerous diseases one of which is a disease spread by fleas attaching to dogs and cats. The infected fleas (by dangerous bacteria) can move easily through direct contact between humans and pets and bring your children into meningitis danger!

After reading this article I hope you can understand why you need to avoid sleeping with your pets. You certainly love your children more than forcing yourself to give comfort to your pets. Keep your pets clean from any bacteria and you can minimize the risk of some diseases.


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