How Sleeping Naked Can Benefit You

March 7, 2015

How Sleeping Naked Can Benefit You

Roughly 10% of individuals sleep in the nude. These individuals are doing something right as sleeping naked can really benefit a person. Not convinced yet? Read further to see what benefits can be found when one sleeps with no clothes on.

1. Those who sleep in the buff tend to have better relationships. Skin to skin contact will release oxytocin, which is known as the bonding hormone. This will not only elevate happiness, but will also lower stress and reduces blood pressure.

2. Sleeping with no clothes on will reduce the likelihood of yeast infections. Wearing no clothes will allow the vaginal area to air out. Without any clothes on, the area will remain cool and dry, where with clothes on, the yeast could grow in the warm, moist conditions.

3. Wearing clothing to bed will allow the body to stay warmer, which will prevent the growth hormone from being released. The growth hormone will promote bone density, lowers the risk of heart disease, lowers the risk of diabetes, repairs tissues, builds muscles, stimulates the growth of internal organs, and stimulates the immune system. It will also help to promote a healthy weight.

4. You can have better intercourse since you will be ready to go and the level of oxytocin will be high.

5. Cortisol levels are decreased at night when our bodies cool. When we get little sleep, we will wake up with high levels of cortisol. This can make a person hungrier. This will help an individual not only gain weight, but lower the libido.

6. Sleeping in the buff keeps us young. The anti-aging hormones, growth hormones, and melatonin will function properly when they are kept at a temperature of 68-70 degrees. Keeping cool will allow the body to cool down during sleep.

7. An individual can become more comfortable with their body if they sleep naked. This will allow them to be happier. You do not have to worry about bras, underwear, or anything else.

8. Your skin will get to breathe! During the day, all the skin is covered up. Sleeping naked will allow such parts to air out, and will mean a lowered risk for certain skin diseases, such as athlete’s foot.

9. You will have fewer clothes to wash. No searching for something that is comfortable to wear at night. Simply strip down and climb between the two cool sheets.

Ditch the pajamas and crawl into bed naked tonight. Start looking and feeling better and having a better relationship with not only yourself, but your significant other as well.


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